Jubilee Trophy Rules

Jubilee Cup & Shield - Rules


  1. Teams of five skippers (If unable to field five skippers then volunteers from other clubs to make up the number).
    If still a shortfall then each missing skipper to score as though in last place.


  1. One skipper from each team drops out in turn to act as starter, finisher and observers.
    (with four teams of five this would give 16 yachts on the water and each
     skipper sails 4 out of 5 heats).
    (with five teams of five this would give 20 yachts on the water and each skipper sails 4 out of 5 heats)


  1. Dependent on the conditions we would need to sail either 15 or 20 heats
    to make it equal for all skippers, whichever 3 discards to be allowed).
    Note at the OOD's discretion further heats can be sailed to take it to a       3.00pm finish with all the skippers on the water. However this will depend on the availability of other officials to assist with the management of the heat(s).


  1. Entry fee £3 per skipper


  1. A bottle of wine to each skipper of the winning team


  1. A bottle of wine to the leading skipper of each losing team.


  1. The Jubilee Shield at the end of the series for the overall winning team,
    winning team to be that that has the least accumulative total score over the five events.


  1. The Jubilee Cup for the overall winning skipper. In each of the five events the overall winning skipper to score 100 points, second 96, and so on down the table at 4 point intervals. Where a team has less than five skippers (see section 1), the “missing skippers” are disregarded for this purpose.
    The Jubilee Cup to be awarded to the overall leading skipper whose accumulative score over their best four events is the largest. This allows for a skipper missing one event and still being in competition.


  1. The recipients of the Trophies to be responsible for their safe keeping until the next years presentation, and also for the engraving. Viz
    Year and Club on the Shield
    Year Name & Club on the Cup
    Certificate also to be given to each member of the winning team and to the winner of the Cup