Jubilee Trophy Background

2011 jubilee cup
Rawdon, Rotherham, Weecher, and Leeds Bradford at Yeadon Tarn - 2011
It all started with Rawdon and Leeds Bradford having an home and away day, a social event with a competitive edge.
Weecher sailing club joined in shortly followed by Rotherham.
Weecher arranged an event towards the end of 2011, which had to be postponed due to lack of water at the reservoir.
It was subsequently re-arranged for March 2012 and by now Bridlington club also joined in.
With five skippers per team it meant an 25 yachts on the water and thus prevented any further expansion.
The opportunity was taken to develop the rules,which now apply to the 2012 and subsequent series. Furthermore the event was named the Jubilee Cup and Shield, to honour the Queens jubilee celebrations and to remind us all the year that it started as a full series event.
 Jubilee Trophies