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2014 saw a great interest in the sailing of RG65's.  The club now has 14 skippers and a monthly competition in 2015 is being held on the second Wednesday in each month.  Results can be found in our competition section. 


Tug Towing competitions are now being held monthly and the course being made more difficult as skippers become more competent.   Great fun enjoyed by everyone, even spectators


Tug Towing with write up     




An evening sail incorporating a cheese & wine buffet was held in March when seven skippers were able to show off their models lighting.  The weather was very kind this year with only one or two spots of rain.  Two skippers did manage to break down however but our committed rescue member Gavin returned them to their skippers without getting wet himself.  Four impartial guests voted Ossie Harrigans and Peter Barkers models the most impressive on the water. 

 Evening Sail 2015 2Evening Sail 2015


The club held a very successful coffee morning on Saturday 13th June when we raised £200 for Martin House Hospice and £100 donation for St. Gemma's.  A big thank you to all who supported.



Another great day with 21 skippers taking part.  Below is an article written by skippers from Killingworth which says it all.

In Praise of Northern District Events -

Specifically Leeds and Bradford MBC's Phoenix Trophy (18/10/2015)

 Brian from our club had been down to Leeds and Bradford MBC over the winter, and came back raving about the hospitality and food.  In fact he said the food was "to kill for".  So an event there goes right to the top of our "to-sail-in" list.  We also like one day events and ones that you can get to and back in a day, and even better where you gets lots of sailing.  Better still for me, Roger reckons I drive like a wimp, so car sharing tends to mean I get to be passenger.

Early start after a big breakfast, arrive just after 9:00, in time for a delicious bacon buttie and cuppa from the very attractive club situated at Yeadon Tarn.  And the locals were every bit as friendly as Brain had said.  Wind from the North which we are told is a good direction, and mostly in the middle of No 1 rig all day.  Brilliant.

Briefing from PRO Damian Ackroyd, who with Eric Hardman did wonders in running the event with a minimum of fuss and a small race management team.  We (at least 20 of us) go sailing.  Cracking conditions, a course with a double triangle (one leg almost a run) and finishing with a running finish.  A good start proved very important, and starting near the concrete pontoon we were standing on was the ideal, though needed rapid shouts for water, tack onto port and hope those coming on starboard were listening.  The beats had plenty of reasonable shifts to play with, and what in the morning seemed to be a wind bend near the top mark.

10 races including a tea break completed, and we get down to the real business:  lunch time.  A chance to look at all the boats, and more importantly to feast on Margaret's Steak Pudding, Chips, Gravy and Peas.  It exceeded my expectations, I was happy as a butcher's dog, and then there turned out to be apple pie to follow.  I was overfull already, but one has to have the pie, again delicious. 

On the boats front, there were a great variety of different hull shapes, one very interesting one was a modified TS2, a beautifully painted Goth of some form, an MX something (he did tell me) on a brilliant stand that went round with the wind.  Not a single Britpop in sight, but there were a pleasing number of home built boats on show, some sporting home made sails.

Back to the racing for the final 7 races:  highlights for me and many others was a lady who joined the racing after lunch saying she was a novice, and who got the biggest cheer of the day when she managed to finish a race (apologies to her as I tripped over her just after the start as she had to crouch to see through everyone's legs to see the start - how ungallant of us all).  Another highlight was seeing our club member Brian finish in the top 3 in the last race, as was seeing Richard from the local club improve out of all recognition after lunch with many good finishes.  We didn't know it, but the final race decided the event.

I've now been to 3 Yorkshire clubs events, and all I can say is:

Get yourself along to one of these wonderful Northern District Club events, friendly people and close racing, and at least in the clubs I have been to, fantastic food.  Thank you Leeds and Bradford MBC, we had a ball.

 Simon and the team from Killingworth (Roger, Brain, Alan & me)

 Phoenix Trophy 2015